Timers and notifications



​EorzeaTime provides a list, and notifications, for : unspoiled, folklore, and ephemeral nodes.

The application is light, user-friendly, and does not require an internet connection.

New resources are added to the app as they come out in game updates.  

Easy to use

Simply select the resources you would like to be reminded of!

Custom settings

Several settings are available for you, such as a filter, a sort and a search to find the resources you are looking for quicker.

You can also configure how long in advance the alert should trigger and even customize the sound of the notification.



Très pratique et simple d'utilisation bravo

Great utility

Perfect for making light work of timed gathering.


Easy, simple and accurate.
Great app.

Lovely & useful

Makes camping nodes so much more bearable.

Very nice

Very good app, easy to use and complete.


Übersichtlich und einfach zu handhaben.

Amazing app

Do not know what would I do without it.

Super helpful

Love the app, works very well for my needs.